Change a section format

When you change a section format, you should be aware of how much of your document you want to change. Most section formats are consolidated in the Page Setup command.

Page Setup dialog box - Margins tab applying to one section

In the Apply to drop-down list, you can select whether the formats apply to This section, the Whole Document, or This point forward.

  • This section applies formatting changes to the selected section(s). If you have selected content that spans more than one section, changes will affect all selected sections. Typically, however, your insertion point will be positioned in only one section, so the changes would affect only that section.
  • This point forward is a shortcut. It inserts a next page section break at the position of the insertion point and applies formatting changes to the new section. It is equivalent to using the Insert → Break command to insert a Next Page section break, then choosing This section in the Apply to list.
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