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Turning Global Addresses into your Biggest Asset

Turning Global Addresses into your Biggest Asset

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Are you dealing with national and international records? The more expansive your records are in territory, the more problems you will face when it comes to verifying addresses. Not only are you dealing with language differences, but you are also dealing with different address formatting for different countries.

These facts pose several issues when it comes to costs, matching dupes, data migration and warehousing. It is key to start with clean data. This is where address verification at point-of-entry becomes your solution.

With a point-of-entry address verifier, such as Melissa Data’s Global Address Verification Cloud Service, you can parse, standardize, verify, cleanse, transliterate, format and geocode address data for over 240 countries. Global Address Verification Cloud Service alone allows you to clean your CRM data to decrease costs and increase database intelligence. Missing components, such as postal codes and region, are added, as well as correct formatting of addresses based on the local countries formats. On top of it all, it offers Geocoding (the addition of a precise rooftop latitude and longitude coordinate to postal address), which provides users with the location information needed to make better decisions about market segmentation, sales clustering, logistics, risk exposure and tax jurisdiction. A solution like this conveniently plugs into Salesforce, Excel, SQL Server, Magento and Shopware.

Operational inefficiencies exist when invalid data enters your database. The best course of action is to capture accurate contact data at the point-of-entry.

Another tool that is key to ensuring the validity of data at point-of-entry is Address Autocompletion. One such autocompletion tool is Express Entry. As you begin typing, Express Entry suggests only verified results to autocomplete the address--ensuring only accurate info enters your database while improving the user experience and increasing conversion. Melissa Data’s Address Autocompletion provides real-time verification and conveniently plugs in to Salesforce, Excel, SQL Server, Magento and Shopware. Address Verification coupled with Autocompletion provides you with a cleaner database, a better customer experience and an efficient business.

Access to up–to-date and accurate data will help you reduce costs and obtain a more accurate view of your database. Maintain clean data with Melissa Data’s solutions. To learn more, click here.

Natalia Crawford is a Copywriter/Content Marketer at Melissa Data, where she manages digital marketing.

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