Mitigating the Threat of Data Theft by Departing Employees

Mitigating the Threat of Data Theft by Departing Employees

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Every day, your employees access a wide variety of electronic information, ranging from trivial to important and highly confidential. However, your organization may be in jeopardy when one of these employees leaving the company decides to grab sensitive data. Can you prevent this from happening?

Attend this webinar with industry experts — Penton’s Contributing Editor James Martin and Netwrix’s Roy Lopez—to better understand the security challenges around departing employees and what your options and resources are. In this session, you will learn:

  • What went wrong with some of the most notorious data breaches involving employees
  • The methods most commonly used to steal confidential data
  • Why employees steal data, and how it impacts your business
  • How to spot anomalous activity of departing employees
  • How to prevent sensitive data from being stolen
  • How to build an effective workflow for maintaining the offboarding process

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James A. Martin is an award-winning blogger and writer based in San Francisco. He is a contributor to Windows IT Pro and has written about mobile technology since the mid 1990s for PCWorld, Macworld,, and others.



Roy Lopez is a Systems Engineer for Netwrix, where he works closely with customers to identify and analyze their auditing requirements for environments ranging from Small Business up through Enterprise deployments.

His experience includes positions ranging from Systems and Support Engineer and Product Line Manager at Blackbird Group, to Director of Systems Engineering at Novell Inc.