Microsoft updates their suite of Remote Desktop apps for all platforms

Microsoft updates their suite of Remote Desktop apps for all platforms

Yesterday the Remote Desktop Services Team posted to the Enterprise Mobility and Security Blog about all of their Remote Desktop apps and a series of updates that have been made to improve the overall functionality of these apps.

You can read and learn more about all of the Remote Desktop apps Microsoft provides for these various platforms at Microsoft's Windows IT Center Remote Desktop Clients page but here is a rundown of those new features by app.

Windows 10

-- Connect and use multiple remote devices at the same time with easy navigation and control from the connection menu

-- Select sessions resolution and scaling options for each connection (Windows 8.1 devices and above only)

-- Improved Windowed mode so you can see local and remote resources side by side

-- Settings for each connection have option to start in full screen; resizing behavior; dynamic updates to the connection settings (Windows 8.1 and above only)

-- Custom Groups allow you to organize the Connection Center and collect different connections into groups for easier access

Mac OS

-- Improved multi-monitor set-ups/usage

-- Lighter look and feel; removed accent color on the Connection Center screen


-- Remote Desktop Connections can now be found and started using Spotlight search

Mac OS Beta

-- No changes listed


-- Remote Connection window will now adjust dynamically to your devices orientation (portrait/landscape) including adjusting the resolution to match the orientation

-- Keyboard extension now includes all the keys you might need for navigating the remote computer through your device

If you want to give Microsoft feedback on these apps just head over to their UserVoice page and let them know what you think of these changes or anything you would like to see implemented.


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