Why the Key to a Data-Driven Culture is Community with Shawn Rogers

Why the Key to a Data-Driven Culture is Community with Shawn Rogers

Listen to the latest podcast from Mico Yuk of BI Brainz, in which she talks with godfather of BI and Chief Research Officer of Dell Shawn Rogers.

SQL Server Pro is excited to syndicate the Analytics on Fire podcast. Listen below, and catch up on previous episodes with host Mico Yuk.

This week on Analytics on Fire, I sat down with the godfather of BI communities and Chief Research Officer of Dell, Shawn Rogers, to discuss a topic that is becoming critical to driving a data-driven culture, your community. Shawn gives us a clear view on what it takes to drive a data-driven culture, as well as how to convince a C-level executive like himself to make the ‘investment’. We have an in-depth conversation on Shawn’s five Cs of BI: Culture, Community, Collaboration, Commitment, and Consistency.


Shawn Rogers is an innovator and pioneer in the BI community. He literally started the first two BI communities on the web, that set the stage for the more well-known BI thought leaders today. He co-founded and sold DM Review Magazine which is now Information-Management.com and the B-eye-Network which he later sold to Tech Target. As an internationally recognized strategist, thought leader, speaker, and author, he now works on the vendor side. In this podcast he will teach you how enterprises can effectively build community, why they should build one, and how to foster a culture to sustain it.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn (Time-Stamped):

  • [11:59] – Shawn states that from a best practice standpoint “the very first thing an enterprise needs to do is listen”
  • [12:20] – Shawn recommends to “listen first, participate second, and then start to integrate…by integrate look for entry point to share information”
  • [14:32] – Shawn emphasizes that “the value is people learning from one another”
  • [15:32] – “It can’t just be tech, there has to be a culture of collaboration. When I see that (existence of community), those are the companies who are leading.”
  • [24:24] – “We have to realize that growing a community takes time”
  • [26:19] – Key Quote “If you’ve got the right culture that means you have Executive Sponsorship.”
  • [26:39] – “A lot of smart community building I’ve seen has been where culturally and financially investments are made.”
  • [29:09] – AHA Moment “You have to get a non-traditional executive who can look beyond the P&L and see that non-traditional investments can breed non-traditional value. Non-traditional value is recouping investment in big data. So many of these investments fall out due to poor use, poor advocacy.”
  • [29:40] – “50% of the time your average data warehouse doesn’t work and you spend $2MIL to find out”
  • [29:53] – “Too often these big projects (big data) cost millions of dollars up front, then we get short-sighted to spend couple 100K to foster the investment”
  • and so much more! Enjoy!

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