Simplify Your Data Migration and Integration Process with xFusion Studio 4.0

Simplify Your Data Migration and Integration Process with xFusion Studio 4.0

Organizations of all shapes and sizes are currently looking for ways to cut costs, consolidate data, and streamline business processes. "Especially with the economy going down, all of the priorities have been 'Okay, let's see where we can reduce our internal expenses, let's move away from our legacy systems, \[and\] try to get our data systems in place,'" says Pradeep Tapadiya, founder and CEO of Software Labs. Software Labs' xFusion Studio 4.0 can help you streamline your data migration and integration tasks, simplify your business processes to improve business decision making, and automate manual database tasks.

"So basically if I have to summarize the top three changes, one was the move to SQL Server 2005 as our intermediate data store, which gave us the capability of the performance that we needed. The second was the ability to make cached data permanent … and third was a better user interface for looking at your temporary data store and for managing your temporary data store," says Tapadiya. With SQL Server 2005 as the back end for xFusion Studio, you can now process a lot of data quickly. And the ability to make cached data permanent means you change data only when you really need to change it.

In addition, xFusion Studio 4.0 includes new data integration and validation rules, as well as a new email notification feature that lets you know if the automated data migration process was stopped because of an error. "The idea here is that any time you're moving data from one place to another and you're automating this process, you may want to stop this process in the middle if you're data is not the right data, you know if there are problems with your data, phone numbers are missing, country names are missing, you know whatever the problem is, even before we put even a single record into your final database you may want stop the process," explains Tapadiya. "So we added this mechanism where you can actually define those rules so that your data gets validated. And if something fails, then we don't continue with the rest of the process, we abort the process and we also send an email saying this process has been aborted because your input data has these problems."

Also new to this release are business process "packs" that provide extensive data integration and management capabilities. The xFusion Insight Packs supports business decision making by offering reporting snapshots of mission-critical business data from SAP applications. The xFusion Acceleration Packs speed up the data migration and integration processes between SAP applications and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. And the xFusion Data Quality Packs include predefined queries and can be used to find duplicate data. "We have a 100 or 200 functions that help folks transform their data in the way they want to work with it," says Reed Campbell, the vice president of sales and marketing for Software Labs. "So we have data quality functions as a subset of those, and we've taken those and done some predefined queries to address the improvement of data quality for folks that wanting to address that."

xFusion supports three coding languages—C#, Visual Basic, and JScript. Pricing for xFusion Studio 4.0 starts at $5,000 for a two user license and includes the customer portal, a four-hour training course, maintenance, and technical support. It's important to note that Software Labs offers guidance as part of the tech support, meaning you can ask specific questions about how to perform certain actions within the product without being charged extra. This product has been certified for integration with SAP applications, including SAP Business Suite, SAP Business All-in-One, and SAP Business One. For more information about XFusion Studio 4.0, visit the Software Labs website.

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