Panorama Provides BI Functionality in Google Docs

Panorama, a business intelligence vendor, recently announced that it's partnering with Google to provide analytic and reporting functionality in Google Docs via a new product called Panorama Analytics for Google Docs. Panorama Analytics is a free beta that loads directly in Google Apps.
     Currently, the product offers only pivot table functionality; however, Panorama plans to offer more BI functionality through Google Docs in the future. According to Panorama, businesses of all sizes can use Panorama Analytics to drill down into data to determine whether it has business value. Oudi Antebi, the vice president of marketing and strategy for Panorama, said that consumers can also benefit from this product because it enables them to analyze, visualize, and compare their personal data, sports data, and stocks.
     Panorama Analytics is based on Panorama's NovaView product, which is an innovative suite of BI applications such as reporting, analytics, dashboard, and scorecard tools. According to Antebi, Panorama doesn't have a database platform of its own. Instead, it works on your BI platform to help you get more out of your current database platform.
     NovaView integrates with the Microsoft BI stack, including Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft MapPoint. Panorama also offers a Microsoft Excel add-in. NovaView 5.0 already supports SQL Server 2008, and Panorama plans to release a new version of the product this summer. Antebi said that the updated version should include a new UI, have flash technology integrated, and support both structured and unstructured data.
     Panorama also recently announced the release of the beta version of its Cloud Computing Analytics for Business Productivity, which will eventually be available via Google Apps. This product supports SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS). According to Panorama, Cloud Computing Analytics for Business Productivity lets enterprise users "analyze, report, visualize their corporate data." To register for the beta version of this product, go to
To learn more about Panorama Analytics in Google Docs, go to For more information about Panorama's NovaView, visit

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