New Products, January 2004


Let Analysts and Users Access BI Data

ProClarity announced ProClarity Analytics Platform 5.3, a custom analytics platform that includes 52 components and 2500 APIs that let analysts and users customize data analysis to fit the needs of their organizations. The latest release of the platform includes significantly enhanced features, including a new dashboard that lets business analysts customize the data they use. The dashboard also includes an activity tracker that lets analysts see who is using the information they provide to their organizations. The updated business logic server lets analysts manage data according to their organizations' business rules and best practices. A new Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Designer includes 19 templates that analysts can use to create KPIs to share with coworkers. And a new thin-client interface lets non-expert users access data they need through an intuitive browser-based UI. ProClarity Analytics Platform 5.3 works with SQL Server 2000. ProClarity Analytics Server Enterprise Edition (which includes ProClarity Analytics Server, ProClarity Business Logic Server, and ProClarity Dashboard Server) costs $50,000. For other pricing and information, contact ProClarity at 208-344-1630 or [email protected]


Synchronize Databases

e-dule announced DB Synchro-Comp 2.3, a database tool that compares two databases. If the tool finds differences, it generates scripts to change the target database's structure to match the source database while maintaining the integrity of the target database's data. Enhancements in the latest release let you synchronize stored procedures, functions, views, and triggers even if they're encrypted on the target database. DB SynchroComp 2.3 supports SQL Server 2000 and 7.0 and costs $499.95. For more information, contact e-dule at [email protected] or


Include Search Capabilities in Your Applications

IMP Technology announced that it has received a US patent for its IMP Search Engine, indexing and search software that developers can integrate into their SQL Server-based applications. The software lets users search SQL Server for information while accounting for alternative spellings and synonyms. The software gives users search results in order of relevance and lets users refine their search criteria. The search engine is written entirely in SQL for use with SQL Server databases, so developers can easily include it in their applications. For pricing and information, contact IMP Technology at

Manage .NET Development Projects

Merant announced Merant Dimensions for Microsoft .NET, change-management software that lets developers working with .NET track, manage, and coordinate multiple development projects and teams in realtime without leaving the .NET environment to use change-management procedures. Merant's change-management framework includes three kinds of features. Configuration-management features let developers manage product versions, design, baselines, builds, and releases. Change-management features let developers create, manage, track, and audit changes. And lifecycle-management features let developers define, automate, and enforce processes and align their projects with business and IT needs. The product supports Windows Server 2003 and SQL Server 2000 and includes a Visual Studio .NET Industry Partner Program (VSIP)-certified add-in for the Visual Studio .NET IDE. For more information and pricing, contact Merant at 800-547-7827, [email protected], or

Automatically Generate Database Components

eSolutions announced IronWorks, a template-based universal code generator. The product contains 51 core templates that let software developers generate programs and components that interact with database systems. The generator reads a database's schema and lets a user set extended properties for tables and columns, then applies templates to each table to generate code. The templates are organized in two libraries, one that generates C# code and one that generates Visual Basic .NET code. The templates produce 3-tier solution architectures that use stored procedures to access and modify data. Users can create their own templates or edit the core templates for their particular needs. IronWorks supports SQL Server 2000, and you can purchase it online at The product costs $535.28 for a single-developer license, $2432.63 for a five-developer license, or $5361.53 for a site license. For more information, contact eSolutions at


Audit Database Activity

Lumigent Technologies announced Entegra 2.0, database-auditing software that lets you monitor who accesses and modifies your data and how. A significant enhancement in the latest release is the ability to create an audit trail of SELECT activity. This new feature lets you see not only who modified data, but also who viewed data. Because Entegra doesn't use triggers to create audits, the software can audit a database without changing it. The audit trails and reports that the software creates satisfy current security and privacy regulations and operational requirements for health-care, finance, biotechnology, and other industries that are privacy-conscious. Entegra 2.0 supports SQL Server 2000 and 7.0. Pricing starts at $10,000. Contact Lumigent Technologies at 866-586-4436 or


Build Programming and Development Skills

Addison-Wesley Professional announced 10 new books for developers. The titles address a range of topics of interest to SQL Server developers and include Ken Henderson's The Guru's Guide to SQL Server Architecture and Internals, Ted Pattison and Joe Hummel's Building Applications and Components with Visual Basic .NET, Dan Fox and Jon Box's Building Solutions with the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework: Architecture and Best Practices for Mobile Development, James S. Miller's The Common Language Infrastructure Annotated Standard, and Alex Homer and Dave Sussman's A First Look at ASP.NET v 2.0 and A First Look at ADO.NET and System XML v. 2.0. For pricing and information about all 10 new titles, visit the Addison-Wesley Professional Web site at

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