New Products - 20 Sep 2007

Database Development

Optimize Code Quality; Streamline Development
Quest Software has announced that the latest update to its Toad for SQL Server database development and administration utility features server-side filtering, SQL Server job management, and logging of executed SQL statements. A new difference viewer function lets you compare files and scripts and easily identify disparities and similarities. An updated permission editor streamlines managing permissions for databases, tables, functions, and stored procedures. For pricing and other information, contact Quest Software at 949-754-8000 or visit

Database Management

Manage Database Change
Change Manager 4.0 from Embarcadero Technologies includes three new utilities: CM/Data compares and validates data within or across database platforms, CM/Config analyzes database configuration attributes across database instances, and CM/Schema compares database schemas and generates synchronization scripts to aid in reconciling differences between them. The software supports multiple database types (e.g., SQL Server, Sybase, SQL Server, IBM DB2) on Linux, UNIX, and Windows platforms. Pricing begins at $795 per user. For more information, call 415-834-3131, or visit for a free trial version.

Data Management

Manage Your Network Data
Varonis has upgraded its data governance software, DatAdvantage 3.0, with improved scalability for collecting access event information, enhanced search functionality, and additional auditing and reporting options. New reporting options summarize attempts to access sensitive folders, inactive data sets, access-denied requests, and change details in Active Directory and on the network file system. Pricing starts at $25,000 for up to 250 users. For more information, contact Varonis at 877-292-8767 or go to

Database Security

Eliminate Data Vulnerabilities
Keeping databases secure is the focus of DbProtect, a new product from Application Security. By combining database discovery, vulnerability scanning and assessment, activity monitoring, auditing, and optional encryption, the DbProtect suite protects your databases from vulnerabilities and threats. Privileged-user monitoring prevents abuse by database and systems administrators, and a patch gap management feature helps prioritize security patches. DBProtect supports SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, and Sybase ASE and costs $3,000 per database per year. For more information, call 866-927-7732 or go to


Accelerate Network Performance
SQL Nitro, a new utility from DBA24Hrs, organizes and compresses data going to and from the server by sending multiple Tabular Data Stream (TDS) packages per TCP packet and then compressing the larger TCP packets. SQL Nitro sits in the TCP stack to avoid drawing from server resources. SQL Nitro 1.2 is available for $495 directly from the vendor. For more information about SQL Nitro or to download a trial version, go to

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