Monitor SSAS with SQL Sentry’s New Performance Optimization Software

SQL Sentry has announced the release of its new monitoring and optimization software for SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), SQL Sentry Performance Advisor for SQL Server Analysis Services. You can manage SSAS's performance via the SSAS Performance Dashboard, which provides you with information about how SSAS is using network, CPU, memory, and storage resources. It also shows you problem SSAS queries and how much time and space they are using.

In addition, this product offers workload and bottleneck profiling; captures and aggregates all high-impact SSAS commands, including MDX, DMX, and XMLA commands; and monitors internal SSAS cache and storage system activity. Performance Advisor for SQL Server Analysis Services also provides alerts for SSAS commands and runtime deviations, as well as monitoring and alerts for SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) data warehousing jobs and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports. And this product lets you create custom calendars that combine SSAS, SSRS, and SSIS event information with information about other SQL Server jobs and performance events.

Performance Advisor for SQL Server Analysis Services costs $2,495 per SSAS instance. This product is part of the SQL Sentry BI Suite, which includes SQL Sentry Event Manager, Performance Advisor for SQL Server, and Performance Advisor for SQL Server Analysis Services. SQL Sentry BI Suite is available for $3,995. You can download trial versions of these products from

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