Microsoft's Tom Casey Previews SQL Server PASS Summit 2009

There promises to be a huge Microsoft presence at this year’s PASS Summit, November 2-5. Tom Casey the Microsoft General Manager for SQL Server Business Intelligence, with broad responsibility for BI across Microsoft, took some time talk with me about BI and issue a call to action for SQL Server professionals to become BI change agents. Tom previews highlights of the keynotes, including his own, that Microsoft execs will give at the fast approaching PASS Summit.

To listen to the podcast go to Tom Casey PASS 09 Keynote Highlights.

For more on the SQL Server 2008 R2 BI feature PowerPivot, formerly code named Gemini, see SQL Server Magazine’s October 2009 interview with Donald Farmer, Donald Farmer Discusses the Benefits of Managed Self-Service BI, at InstantDoc ID 102613.

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