iQ4bis Software's Spin on the User Manual: A Mouse Pad

It often takes business users days, weeks, or even months to learn how to use a new reporting and analysis solution. However, iQ4bis Software customers are bucking the trend: According to Siegfried Plommer, COO and general manager for iQ4bis Software, it takes only two minutes for users to learn how to use iQ4bis DataServer and iQ4bis Analysis. In fact, everything the user must know to use the product fits on a mouse pad, which you can see at "Believe it or not, the mouse pad is our user manual. As we say on the mouse pad, it's just a "Two Minute Training Program,'" said Plommer.  Plommer also said that he can't remember the last time the company had to send out a printed manual. This ease of use means that users are able to adopt iQ4bis Software's BI products in a short amount of time with little training.

According to Plommer, iQ4bis Software is seeing that "demand in the SMB space is increasing as we speak for BI tools. On the other hand, we also see that a lot of the SMBs companies, because of constraints in IT budgets and constraints in staff, do not really have the expertise inhouse or the experts to really deploy BI solutions in a timely and cost effective manner." 

Based on the feedback that iQ4bis Software gathered worldwide, it decided to build out-of-the-box business intelligence (BI) solutions. According to Plommer, the company's products can typically go live in one or two weeks. iQ4bis DataServer can connect to any datasource and combines all the reporting and analysis data in your company to give you a complete view of your business. iQ4bis Analysis works with iQ4bis DataServer and is the front end for business users. Recently, iQ4bis Analysis 4.2 was released.  IQ4bis Analysis 4.2 includes new reporting functionality and a beta version of iQ4bis Analysis Portal, which lets users group multiple reporting views in a single window.

"You have a no risk offer from iQ4bis because we have exactly described the deliverables, we have exactly described the process (how are we going to deploy the system), and we have a fixed price as the price tag, so where's the risk?" said Plommer. So what is the fixed price, you might ask? According to Plommer, you can purchase a fully deployed iQ4bis Revenue Analysis solution for $39,000. Note that iQ4bis Software doesn't restrict the number of datasources or the number of servers you can connect to.

iQ4bis DataServer and iQ4bis Analysis support SQL Server 2008, 2005, and 2000 and integrate with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server. For more information about iQ4bis Software's products, go to

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