Generate Custom Reports via a Web Browser

Izenda recently announced the release of Izenda Reports 5.6, the latest version of its self-service reporting platform. This version of the product includes a pivot feature that lets business users reorganize and summarize data in a spreadsheet or database table to create a custom report. “You can do pivots without Analysis Services,” says Izenda CEO Sanjay Bhatia. Business users want to be able to create reports themselves, and with Izenda Reports 5.6, "The people who want to do reports can do it," says Bhatia.

Izenda Reports 5.6 also includes visual grouping, dynamic fields, and the ability to divide a document into pages. In addition, it provides a new Sum Distinct function, which collects values that can be summed, gets rid of duplicate values, and adds up the remaining values. “Anybody can create and customize reports without any training, other than a five minute video, or any programming or access to the firewall or server,” says Bhatia.

According to Izenda, Izenda Reports 5.6 “acknowledges recommendations made by our customers and developers.” A press release about the product states that almost 75 percent of Izenda Reports 5.6’s enhancements were because of customer demands. In addition to the new features listed above, Izenda Reports is now compatible with Mozilla FireFox 3.0, better handles timeouts, and includes improved multi-year date grouping and font support for PDF.

Izenda 5.6 supports SQL Server 2008, 2005, and 2000. Izenda Reports 5.6 is available on a per user or per server (with unlimited users) basis. Introductory pricing begins at $250 per user. To learn more about Izenda Reports 5.6 or to view a demo of the product, go to

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