Gartner: CIOs Predict Pervasive Cloud Computing Use by 2016

Gartner has released the details of another survey about what is on the minds of CIOs these days, and it's mostly about cloud computing. Gartner polled more than 2,000 CIOs for their Gartner 2011 CIO Survey, a group that controls more than $160 billion in IT spending.

According to Gartner's findings -- presented by a team of Gartner analysts led by Gartner Group Vice President Mark McDonald and Vice President and Distinguished Analyst Dave Aron -- close to 50% of CIOs surveyed "expect to operate their applications and infrastructures via cloud technologies within the next five years." Gartner stresses that this change in the way IT uses computing resources will require CIOs to "reimagine IT and lead their organizations through a process of creative destruction."

Gartner provides a more in-depth look at their survey results in a report entitled Reimagining IT:The 2011 CIO Agenda (link to PDF).

CIO's surveyed in the Gartner report also indicated that they frequently went outside of their own IT organizations to find the IT skills they needed to accomplish their business objectives. Using contractors, outsourcing skills, and leveraging internal training were the three most popular methods CIOs used to meet their goals.

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