European BI Market Trends Shifting

The European PASS Conference 2009 is just around the corner (April 22-24) in Neuss, Germany. As with the PASS Summit 2009 that will take place in Seattle later this year, business intelligence (BI) will be a much-talked-about topic at European PASS, especially with an agenda filled with BI sessions, including Donald Farmer’s BI-focused keynote speech ("Navigating Through a Turbulent Economy with Microsoft BI") and a SQL Server BI-focused preconference seminar.

With a rekindled focus on SQL Server’s native BI tools, and all of the news coming out of Microsoft about its new BI platforms, you might wonder why an organization would spend the extra money to buy a third-party BI solution that offers much of what SQL Server offers out of the box. In fact, many organizations in Europe have been turning to third-party BI solutions instead of using SQL Server’s native tools for years. However, that market trend seems to be reversing. Seamus Quinn, the editor of SQL Server Magazine’s sister email newsletter, Windows IT Pro News EMEA Edition, spoke with SQL Server MVP Allan Mitchell about how the BI tide is changing in Europe as more and more companies are recognizing the benefits of using SQL Server’s native BI tools. See what Mitchell had to say about the BI product market in Europe in Quinn’s "European SQL Server Conference Catches BI Tide."

To find out what events are taking place in Europe and what topics are being discussed by the European SQL Server and IT community, I recommend subscribing to the monthly Windows IT Pro News EMEA Edition email newsletter. You can check out some of Quinn’s past articles for the email newsletter by clicking here.

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