Enhanced Reporting and SQL Support Help You Access and Display Your Data

FileMaker Pro 10’s new interface lets you more easily manage and share information

FileMaker has announced the release of FileMaker Pro 10, the new version of its database software. This product features a new and intuitive design and interface that includes a customizable Status Toolbar, which lets you place frequently used features where you can easily access them, and a new Quick Start Screen that helps you quickly learn how to use FileMaker Pro. FileMaker Pro 10 lets you create databases from existing .CSV, Tab, Excel 2007, or Bento 2 files.

You can use FileMaker Pro 10 to not only create reports but also change the underlying data from within your reports as you work. The Saved Finds feature improves productivity by letting you name and save search results so that you can easily reference that information in the future. In addition, the product now offers Script Triggers, which automatically launch scripts based on users’ actions or time limits, according to FileMaker. FileMaker Pro 10 comes with 12 predefined Script Triggers.

With FileMaker Pro 10, you can now display, access, and use data from SQL tables on various database platforms, including SQL Server 2008, Oracle 11g, and MySQL 5.1 community edition. The latest version of FileMaker Pro also lets you send email via an SMTP server—no email client required.

Pricing for FileMaker Pro 10 starts at $299. You can learn more about this product at www.filemaker.com

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