DataMirror Receives A-List Award

DataMirror Corporation’s flagship product, Transformation Server, received a Crossroads 2000 A-List Award. The award recognizes Transformation Server as a proven solution that meets today’s critical business challenges in the technology infrastructure's enterprise integration category. Transformation Server provides the data infrastructure to integrate e-commerce applications with operational and legacy systems. The Crossroads A-List Awards judges based their decision on customer references, including one from GMAC Commercial Mortgage, a DataMirror customer familiar with Transformation Server’s benefits. “We have multiple customers who need access to critical information, such as loan and investment status, via the Internet,” says Niraj Patel, GMAC Commercial Mortgage’s chief information officer. “DataMirror’s software solution met all \[of our\] criteria and enables valuable data to be efficiently replicated and transformed to our Web site, where it is readily available to our customers at all times.” DataMirror software integrates data among multiple databases—including SQL Server, DB2, Oracle, and Sybase—and across OS/390, OS/400, UNIX, Linux, and Windows NT platforms.

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