Cross platform big data analysis grows at Microsoft with acquisition of Datazen

Cross platform big data analysis grows at Microsoft with acquisition of Datazen

Microsoft seems to be on a steady roll of improving the company’s offerings through acquisitions and their latest purchase brings Datazen Software into the company fold.

The acquisition was announced by Microsoft’s Cloud & Enterprise Partner Director Kamal Hathi on the Official Microsoft Blog earlier today.

Companies around the world need simpler ways to find data insights they can use to improve their business. With the pervasive use of mobile devices at work, mobile business intelligence (BI) is at a tipping point. Datazen is a mobile-first company at the forefront of this wave, with enterprise customers around the globe using its technology.

Datazen technology and solutions will complement Power BI, our cloud-based business analytics service, rounding out our mobile capabilities for customers who need a mobile BI solution implemented on-premises and optimized for SQL Server. Over time, we plan to integrate Datazen technology with Power BI to give our customers another hybrid bridge for their on-premises investment to the cloud.

According to Datazen CEO Miljan Braticevic this move does not mean current customers will lose their apps and services as they currently exist:

In practical terms, our customers and partners will be pleased to learn that the entire Datazen product stack – server, publisher, and all mobile clients – will continue to be available in their current form.  Datazen is positioned as a mobile BI solution for customers who need a solution that is implemented on-premises. As such, it will complement Power BI, Microsoft's cloud-based business analytics service.

Microsoft told us that if you are on SQL Server 2008+ Enterprise Edition you can already download the Datazen server software today at no cost.

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