BRYTE Software Develops Web-based System for Neiman Marcus

BRYTE Software Design developed a Web-based purchasing system, powered by SQL Server, that helps prominent retailer Neiman Marcus monitor and control capital expenditures for its stores and corporate offices. The system creates a central clearinghouse for all information about such expenditures. Managers can quickly access the intranet site and identify products approved for purchase. The site gives managers detailed information about purchasing procedures and approved products in both graphic and text formats. The system also contains a message center where Neiman Marcus managers can post messages for employees and vendors. “This Web-based purchasing system is an example of how an intranet application can be used to help a company incorporate e-business processes into an existing MIS operation,” says Gary W. Phillips, BRYTE sales and marketing director. Managers can view cost-center expenditure details, for example, by looking at invoices organized by vendor and covering specified time frames. Prospective vendors can view products that Neiman Marcus will purchase in the future and submit forms online to receive contact information. The BRYTE system hit counters let managers see how many people have viewed certain pages. In addition, approved vendors can place detailed product information on the site, including technical specifications, pricing, availability, and product images.

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