BI and Web Site News, and a Tool Time “Thank You”

Executive Summary:
Recent online highlights at include the launch of a new business intelligence (BI) e-newsletter called Essential BI UPDATE, reader praise for Kevin Kline’s Tool Time column, an update on Web site issues, and a new Instant Poll asking readers whether they would pay more for a longer version of SQL Server Magazine.

Get Active Online at!
Kevin Kline posted an interesting assortment of links to blogs he’s been reading recently. Although the bulk of the links are to SQL Server blogs, he also includes some links to blogs covering current economic issues. Check out Kevin’s blog list at InstantDoc ID 98554—and feel free to post a comment with your own blog favorites.

New SQL Mag BI E-Newsletter Launches
SQL Server has had built-in business intelligence (BI) tools for quite a while, but the pending release of SQL Server 2008 is drawing more attention to the product’s BI capabilities than ever before. If you’re currently working with SQL Server BI, you probably appreciate all the help you can get as you delve into SQL Server Reporting Services, SQL Server Analysis Services, SQL Server Integration Services, and data warehousing. Now you have a new BI resource: SQL Server Magazine’s biweekly email newsletter, Essential BI UPDATE. Essential BI UPDATE gives you the latest SQL Server BI news, views, tips, and techniques, including a commentary by Derek Comingore. (Check out Derek’s article in this issue, “SQL Server 2008 Business Intelligence Enhancements,” InstantDoc ID 98467.) The newsletter is free; to subscribe, go to

Grateful Reader Applauds Kevin Kline’s Tool Time
Nothing lifts SQL Mag editors’ spirits like getting complimented by a reader for our content. More than just making us feel good, such comments tell the editorial team that we’re on the right track meeting our readers’ information needs. Here’s a recent comment from Casey M. Evans about the March 2008 Tool Time with Kevin Kline column (“SQLQueryStress,” InstantDoc ID 97906) that made our day. Casey writes, “This is a tool that I will definitely use! I am currently troubleshooting a database that runs fine except for during high-volume month-end processing. So, I have been looking for a way to emulate the load that it receives at peak times. This article alone more than pays for my subscription to SQL Server Magazine. Thank you!” Thank you, Casey, for taking the time to give us your feedback on the article! Site Matters
The SQL Mag team looks forward to hearing from our readers; we need you to tell us how well our print and online content serves your need for timely, helpful SQL Server information. Recently, our readers have reported problems with accessing content in articles, downloading code, and site outages. The editorial and customer service teams strive to keep a close eye on and respond to such problems as soon as possible—but like our readers, we’d rather the problems didn’t happen at all.

The simple explanation for the recent Web-site problems is that our Web applications have outgrown the technologies they were originally designed for and built with. The light at the end of our tunnel of Web woes is that, along with our sister sites, including and several others, are being redesigned and redeveloped to bring them into the 21st century. We’ll keep you posted as we get closer to the actual site relaunches. In the meantime, the SQL Mag teams will do everything we can to help you access the information you need on

How Much Would You Pay for a Larger Magazine?
Last month’s Community Dialog (InstantDoc ID 98309) reported on a reader who said he’d willingly pay more for a SQL Server Magazine subscription in exchange for more editorial pages in the magazine and thought that many of his SQL Server peers would do the same. Now it’s time to put the question to you, the readers: Would you pay a higher subscription rate for a bigger SQL Server Magazine (assuming the ad ratio of 60 percent editorial, 40 percent ads stays the same)? Tell us what you think in the Instant Poll on the home page at If we get enough responses (I’m hoping for at least 100), I’ll report the poll results in an upcoming Community Dialog.

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