Becoming a Microsoft BI 'Star'

Microsoft has invested a lot of resources into enhancing and growing its business intelligence offering(s). A recent report by the OLAP Report found at indicates that Microsoft is the #1 OLAP vendor (which has been the case for some time). Furthermore, it mentions that Microsoft OLAP (Analysis Services) accounts for ~1/3 of SQL Server sales. While exact market position is never completely clear, what is clear is that SQL Server Analysis Services and the larger Microsoft BI platform are grow and thriving! Because of these market conditions IT professionals are curious about what subjects they should study to enable them to build and deploy Microsoft BI solutions. I wrote a previous blog entry about the background subjects. For redundancy sake I’ll not recite the list, you can find them at ("So you want to be a Microsoft DW/BI Pro"), my personal blog. By studying the subjects listed you will have a strong background for providing Microsoft BI services and solutions

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