Automating the IT World Thinkstock

Automating the IT World

Operating systems are combining with cloud platforms; applications are changing to become microservices-based composite apps; tracking activity is no longer simple.

Keeping all of an organization’s equipment and software up to date can no longer be done by one person working off a to-do list. Enter automation.

The promises of automation in the IT infrastructure are alluring: The right tools can save time, stretch a small team’s capabilities, offload complex tasks so human supervision is no longer needed, and ensure that the tasks are performed with greater reliability than is possible using manual processes.

However, before automation can begin to pay off for you and your organization, you have to know how to select those tools and what’s required to deploy them. Our report, “Automating the IT World,” walks you through the benefits and drawbacks of automation, the different approaches you can take in automating your IT workload, and how automation can work for you without eliminating your job.