Anesthesia Firm Chooses Cognos

MEDAC, the United States’ fastest-growing, full-service anesthesia practice management firm, adopted Cognos Enterprise Reporting solution for e-business. The solution will enhance MEDAC customers’ billing information, allowing them to view and analyze personalized billing reports by logging onto a special MEDAC Web-site page. With the new application, MEDAC customers can monitor and analyze the billing status of specific patients and as many as 2000 insurance companies. The solution’s analytical capabilities let clients uncover hidden trends in the data and break down billing information by time, procedure, location, or insurance company. “Unlike most other companies in our industry, … we are enabling our clients to view an up-to-the-minute status report of their billings, identify historical trends in the data, and more effectively plan and provide services to their patients in the future,” says John Memar, MEDAC president.

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