AccountMate Allies with TIW Technology, Silvon Software

AccountMate Software Corporation has formed strategic alliances with TIW Technology and Silvon Software, letting each company integrate its products with Visual AccountMate, AccountMate Software’s midrange financial information platform. TIW Technology will integrate its materials requirements planning products, and Silvon Software will integrate its new midsize Silvon Sales DecisionMart. The integrated SQL Server-based software applications will let midrange manufacturers and businesses access tightly integrated client/server enterprise resource planning (ERP) and business intelligence (BI) solutions comparable in performance and functionality to expensive offerings that only their largest competitors could afford. "By integrating our financial functionality with \[TIW Technology's\] manufacturing software, manufacturers have the opportunity to track all aspects of their business with the confidence of a larger company using a multimillion dollar IT solution," says Greg Tognoli, AccountMate vice president of sales and marketing. "For years, larger businesses have understood the important role business intelligence software plays in the corporate decision-making process. With \[the Silvon Software\] alliance, our end users have an opportunity to take full advantage of the information at their disposal."

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