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With Windows 7 barreling towards its last major pre-release milestone, Release Candidate (RC), and ready for a Q3 2009 RTM (release to manufacturing), it's obviously time to turn our attention to Windows 8. Yes, Virginia, there will be a Windows 8, despite the weird, droning opinions out there that's there's nothing left to do on the PC client. (You must be spending too much time wondering why Apple can't release its not-upgrade, Snow Leopard, in a reasonable amount of time, or for free.)

We've known that there'd be a Windows 8 for some time, of course. But this week's mention of Windows 8, explicitly, by Windows user experience guru Julie Larson-Green, has touched off some attempts to figure out what might be going on with this next-next Windows version.

Mary Jo Foley offers up the following, and it's been parroted on virtually every Windows blog on earth, so I better hurry up and post this:

Microsoft is starting to hire developers specifically for Windows 8 ... A Microsoft job posting from April 14 seeks someone to help with the next generation of the Distributed File System Replication (DFSR) storage technology inside the next version of Windows.

That's server technology, so we can assume this is for Windows 8 Server, the major release follow-up to Windows Server 2008 R2, due late this year.

There’s another Windows 8 job posting from April 16 that [also] focuses on Windows 8 Server (a k a Windows Server 2011 or whatever it ends up being called). It’s for another job focused on the Windows file system.

Put simply, we don't really know anything about Windows 8 yet (i.e. the client version of Windows 8). But it's always fun to speculate. :)

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