3 New Visual Studio 2010 Extensibility Projects for SharePoint 2010

I am pleased to announce the release of 3 new Visual Studio 2010 Extensibility Projects for SharePoint 2010 on MSDN Code Gallery.

These projects will help you automate some common development tasks when creating SharePoint 2010 solutions using Visual Studio 2010.

These three SharePoint 2010 Extensibility Projects can be downloaded from the MSDN Code Gallery here, http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/vsixforsp.

All of the projects contain a Hands On Lab and a walkthrough video. Follow the links below to blog posts providing further details for each project template.


Silverlight Web Part Project Template

The Silverlight Web Part Project template will create a fully functioning Silverlight Web Part project ready for deployment. The project template also uses a Silverlight control generator that replaces some of the functionality that was deprecated from the Silverlight 3.0 SDK. This makes it easy for developers to quickly create a custom Silverlight application that goes beyond the functionality of the built in Silverlight Web Parts. Developers have total control over the Web Part such as how the Silverlight plug-in code is generated and other Web Part behavior.
For more details and a quick walkthrough visit:
Silverlight and SharePoint project template


Server Ribbon Project Item Template

One of the new features in SharePoint 2010 is the Server Ribbon. The Server Ribbon brings all of the goodness that the Client Ribbon provides to SharePoint. Creating a ribbon requires that the developer code the ribbon xml by hand. Doing this by hand has a steep learning curve to get started. The Server Ribbon Project Item template makes it easy to create a Server Ribbon by following the wizard. In addition to the wizard there are code snippets for create all of the ribbon controls. This is a great way to learn the correct ribbon xml to make powerful user interfaces in SharePoint.
For more details and a quick walkthrough visit:
SharePoint Ribbon project template


OBA Deployment Project Item Template

SharePoint enables you to create custom content types that can be attached to document libraries. Creating rich OBA document templates using Visual Studio and deploying them to SharePoint is a common pattern that developers use to enable Line of Business applications. If you’ve deployed a document-level add-in to SharePoint you are familiar with the number of steps involved in this process. The OBA Custom Content Types Project Item template removes all of these steps and reduces the process down to a simple wizard and an F5 deployment. The extensibility project does all of the work making the developers more productive.

For more details and a quick walkthrough visit:
OBA Deployment project template

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